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I’ve been thinking recently about the teachings of Jesus; why He taught the way He did. Skimming through the gospels, one notices His frequent use of parables and illustrations. Why? For starters, parables help us to see glimpses of another world. When I returned to the States after a trip to Papua New Guinea, a very different […]

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As we’ve been studying John together, you may have noticed that the book doesn’t record any of the famous parables of Jesus. It’s true that, although Jesus uses analogies in John, His most famous stories—such as the story of the prodigal son—are excluded. Why is that? I’d like to suggest a reason. In John, Jesus […]

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A couple summers ago, a friend from my dorm agreed to spend some time studying the Bible with me. He was from a different faith background, so I was excited to share with him some Biblical teachings that had really blessed my life. We started meeting once a week and, honestly, I thought I was […]

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Boson and Belief

Last summer, headlines started appearing announcing the potential discovery of the Higgs boson. Since then CERN has been reviewing data from the experiments and recently confirmed the discovery. So what’s all this boson business? Here’s a quick overview. Historically, gravity has been a mysterious force for the scientific community to understand. While we can explain […]

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Sin No More

“See, you have been made well. Sin no more, lest a worst thing come upon you.” This is an easily misunderstood saying of Jesus. I know because I’ve wrestled in confusion over what it means to “sin no more”. It sounds almost like an impossible command. Honestly, this brings up a lot of questions that […]

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The story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman is one of my favorites. Yet the story is also quite profound, in perhaps a subtle way. Let’s discover this together. First, reread John 4:1-43, the story of Jesus and this woman at the well. Notice, the woman mentions that the well dates back to Jacob. This […]

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Allow me to recall an experience. It’s the middle of the night, around 1 or 2am, and I’m standing outside of a frat party on my university’s campus. The music’s still going, but the party’s beginning to die down as students begin walking back to their dormitories. Or rather, stumbling back, revealing the nature of […]

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In John 2, Jesus begins to enter the public eye. In particular, He performs His first of seven signs: turning water to wine. But pay close attention to His actions and you’ll see that He’s doing more than keeping a party alive. He’s previewing the cross. Recall the account. At a wedding His mother remarks […]

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John the Baptist caused quite the speculation. The religious leaders asked him, “Who are you?” And after a few false guesses questioned, “Are you the Prophet?” (John 1:19-21) I want us to pause and consider this question–”Are you the Prophet?” Notice, not a prophet, but the prophet. They had a particular prophet in mind. Someone […]

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Take a piece of paper. It’s about 0.1 millimeters (a thousandth of a meter) thick. Fold it in half. It’s now 0.2 mm thick. Still not very impressive. But keep folding and you’ll notice it starts getting thick pretty fast. Suppose you could keep folding without limit (in reality it’s tough to fold a paper […]

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