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The Penny

The other day I was walking out of a store when I saw a penny on the ground. Generally I am in the habit of picking up loose change I come across, but this day I was in a hurry and my arms were full. “It’s only a penny”, I reasoned, “it’s not worth stopping […]

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The God Box

So many times we ask for what we think we need, instead of asking for God’s will for us. How often do we say: “God, either I need you to do this…, or this?..” Such an approach leaves no room for there to be an entirely different way that God could provide for our needs. […]

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Discipleship in an Outrigger

There is something about the sea that is entirely captivating. Something so mysterious in the cadence of the waves, the sheer volume of its depths, and the power it holds. And yet there is a force much greater that is drawing us—the power, and mystery, and majesty of a most gracious God for a lost […]

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Perfect in Weakness

  In our last program we discussed faith that can move mountains. There is so much more that could be said and yet not fully cover this topic. I think what strikes me most is how we are given multiple opportunities for our faith to grow…and how God works with each of us individually. In […]

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Walk Humbly

Some months ago I saw a “commercial” for a new app that would alert you anytime you were in the vicinity of someone who you might not want seeing what you were doing. Basically, it would enable you to live one way in front of some people, and another way with others (or when no […]

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Because of Those Who Sat

Well-known pastor and author Chuck Swindoll, tells the story of an experiment that was conducted a few years ago by psychologist Ruth W. Berenda and her associates. The experiment involved a group of teenagers and was designed to show how people handle group pressure. The plan was simple. They brought groups of ten adolescents into […]

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Spirit Filled

I recently saw a science experiment that demonstrated what happens when balloons are brought into contact with fire. A balloon was first filled with a modest amount of air, knotted, and then held over a burning candle. As might be expected, the balloon popped, sending pieces flying across the room. Then a second balloon was […]

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Sabbath Rest

I once heard a story about how various week lengths were implemented to try to increase income and productivity by working more days between breaks. They found however, that this was not at all effective. Rather than the desired result of increased revenue from more working days, they found that productivity dropped off dramatically at […]

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Jesus Stopped

Jesus was busy. Fame of the miracles He had performed had spread throughout the land and the crowds had grown larger and pressed in wherever He went. As Jesus was teaching, an important man, one of the rulers of the synagogue, interrupted Him and pleaded that Jesus come and heal his daughter who was at […]

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