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When Was The Last Supper?

On our last episode of Cross Connection we launched a new segment titled Hidden Treasures. In it we presented that, according to the Gospel of John, the Last Supper took place before the Passover Meal and revealed why this was so significant. After the show we received questions from viewers asking us to explain the differences in […]

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The Naked Man

  A young man, wearing nothing but a linen garment, was following Jesus. When they seized him, he fled naked, leaving his garment behind. – Mark 14:51-52 Recently, we received a question from a viewer regarding the passage above. Baffled as to its meaning, she asked why it was included in Mark’s Gospel, saying “I do […]

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Judgement and the New Year

Today (September 5) is the beginning of a new year by the biblical calendar. The festival that commemorates this new beginning is called Rosh Hashana, which literally means “head of the year.” The biblical new year always begins with ten days of reexamining your heart; these days are called Yamim Noraim, which means “the days of awe.” According […]

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The Most Important Teaching of Jesus

I was asked once, “What is the most important teaching of Jesus?” So, I decided to find that most important message that Jesus himself gave. I began with conducting a mini survey to find out what people thought was the most important message. And then, I turned to Christian writers who tried to find the […]

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The Sabbath Trumpet

“Sabbath is a sanctuary in time,” wrote Abraham Joshua Heschel in his The Sabbath. “The seventh day is like a palace in time with a kingdom for all.” But, what is the meaning of the Sabbath today? Is it just another day? Or is it a day off from work when some can enjoy fellowship with family […]

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The Most Ancient Fragment of the Bible

Have you ever wondered what the most ancient fragment of the Bible is? This tiny silver plaque (Ketef Hinnom) dates all the way back to the late 7th century – early 6th century BCE, which means it is more than 2600 years old. It had been rolled up like a miniature scroll and deposited in […]

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I AM: What’s in a Name?

What’s in a name? Well, what if I introduced myself to you as, “my name is a man”? You would probably add, “Yes, but what is your name?” This is the setting that I would like us to experience now. The greatest prophet of the Hebrew religion is Moses. What Muhammad is for Muslims, Moses […]

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Increase My Faith

A few days ago we were asked a very important question, “How can we develop our faith in God?” It’s a fundamental question, but the answer might not come too easily. So, here is the result of our digging into the Word for the answer. In Luke 17:5 we read about the apostles coming to […]

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Where Love Is, There God Is Also

NOTE: Have you ever wondered what it really means to live the gospel? Last Tuesday I concluded Cross Connection with a short adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s Where Love Is, There God Is Also. But the story needs to be read in full in order to completely understand what it really means to live the gospel. […]

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The Forgotten Number in the Greatest Prophecy

What would you do if you knew exactly when your enemy was coming? Wouldn’t you prepare well to stand against him/her? Wouldn’t you try to do anything you could to stop him/her? Last week people were preparing to withstand Sandy, the super-storm that affected at least 18 states. It was a novelty to me to […]

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