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3 Ways You Can Enhance Your Prayer Life

In Jesus name, amen? During my formative years, I found myself combining several prayers I’d heard many times before. Some were from my father; others from my mother, and the remainders were crumbs from other church members. On any given day, my prayer would sound something like this. “We thank you once again for spared […]

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The Homeless Blessing

She was dirty, VERY dirty. I was sitting on a swivel chair at Koronet, a pizza store on the upper west side of Manhattan, New York. We were halfway through filming an upcoming project for Hope Channel and I was halfway through a giant-sized slice of pizza – Koronet’s specialty. I heard the homelessness in […]

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The Seventh Man

She had NO IDEA what she was doing. It was as if she was interviewing men, except it wasn’t for a job.  She wanted to find out what their dreams and aspirations were, and if they were more interested in her faith than her figure. Five times she’d been proven wrong – the men were […]

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Sabbath Dilemma

“You’ll have to travel on Saturday!” We told our friend that Saturday is our Sabbath and we can’t have someone work on behalf of us. He said that because the boat off Koro was cancelled that it was the only option. So, we did the only thing you can do when faced with a seemingly […]

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Sabbath is…

A friend and I were studying in our dorm room when he looked over and said, “Man, I’m still feeling refreshed from Sabbath. Now I know why you’re never stressed out.” A couple days earlier I had invited him to enjoy the Sabbath with me. We put our textbooks away to worship with a Church […]

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Love Thy Neighbor

This week we helped connect our church friend, Vini Ana, with one of our neighbors, Karen, as they had a falling out a few months ago. We were all able to talk, share stories and laugh with each other. Vini Ana and Karen were able to look past circumstances and work out their differences. What […]

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The Penny

The other day I was walking out of a store when I saw a penny on the ground. Generally I am in the habit of picking up loose change I come across, but this day I was in a hurry and my arms were full. “It’s only a penny”, I reasoned, “it’s not worth stopping […]

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An Answer to Prayer

“There is no way you’ll be going to church this Saturday!” exclaimed our neighbor Neil. Neil, a yachty who followed the weather throughout the day, stated that a huge storm system was heading directly towards us and would make walking to church impossible. The walk there and back is about 5 miles and the unpaved […]

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Word Count

Do you have a favorite Christian author? Growing up I enjoyed the novels of C.S. Lewis and in high school a friend introduced me to his masterpiece Mere Christianity. But it wasn’t until college that I discovered the books of my favorite author, the 19th century Christian leader Ellen White. Consistently, I’ve found her writings (such as […]

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After existing for just two years and employing a staff of a dozen people, this last year the photo sharing site Instagram was acquired for $1 billion. Many commentators noted that this exceeded the value of the New York Times, which has been a leading news source for over 150 years. I see this as further […]

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