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Hidden Treasures 21: Luke 23 - Cross-Bearer

Why is Simon of Cyrene so significant when it comes to the Christian walk?

Hidden Treasures 20: Luke 22 - Sword

Does Jesus want us to use swords in fighting for injustice?

Hidden Treasures 19: Luke 21 - Prophecies

Some Christians believe they have an advantage since some bible chapters predict the future.

Hidden Treasures 18: Luke 19 - The King

Why was the story of a nobleman becoming a king so familiar to Jesus' audience?

Hidden Treasures 17: Luke 18 - Children

Whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will not enter it. What is this test really saying?

Hidden Treasures 16: Luke 16 - Lazarus and the Dogs

Oleg explains the message behind the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus.

Hidden Treasures 15: Luke 15 - Celebration

Jesus tells three parables about rejoicing in the finding of the lost.

Hidden Treasures 14: Luke 14 - The Banquet

In the parable of the Great Supper, Jesus expands one of the major biblical metaphors for the kingdom of God.

Hidden Treasures 13: Luke 13 - Sabbath Freedom

Jesus did not just observe all Jewsh customs - He gave them a different and deeper meaning.

Hidden Treasures 12: Luke 12 - The Rich Fool

Jesus tells a parable on the subject of wealth and property.

Hidden Treasures 11: Luke 11 - The Lord's Prayer

Oleg digs deeper into the Lord's Prayer and it's radical message.

Hidden Treasures 10: Luke 10 - My Neighbor

How radical was the concept of a Samaritan that could be good? Oleg explores the answer.

Hidden Treasures 9: Luke 9 - Free From Evil

Find out why the disciples couldn't cast out a demon while Jesus could.

Hidden Treasures 8: Luke 8 - Women and Jesus

Who supported Jesus financially during His ministry?

Hidden Treasures 7: Luke 6 - New Nation

Jesus had many disciples. Why did he reduce a great following to only a dozen?

Hidden Treasures 6: Luke 5 - Newness

At a party, the religious leaders ask Jesus, “Why do the disciples of John fast often and make prayers, and likewise those of the Pharisees, but Yours eat and drink?”

Hidden Treasures 5: Luke 3B - Genealogy

Luke 3 includes a long list of Jesus' ancestors. What can we can learn from it?

Hidden Treasures 4: Luke 3 - Baptism

Christian remember John the baptizer as Jesus' cousin. Why was baptism so important to him?

Hidden Treasures 3: Luke 2 - Fairytales

The New Testament leaves an intriguing gap between the birth of Jesus and the beginning of His ministry. Many people have tried to fill those gaps.

Hidden Treasures 2: Luke 1a - Song

Parents play an important role in the formation of their children's values and worldview. So how was this true for Jesus?

Hidden Treasures 1: Luke 1 - John and Jesus

Oleg goes into the meaning behind the names of John and Jesus.

Hidden Treasures 10: The Second Garden

How does the garden of Eden help us to understand the meaning of Jesus' resurrection?

Terrence Roberts Interview

Terrence Roberts (a member of the Little Rock Nine) shares what it was like to live as a minority in the 1950s segregated South.

Hidden Treasures 18: Mark 16 - The End

In Mark's conclusion, we see how the message of the Kingdom of God that Jesus preached is manifested.

Hidden Treasures 17: Mark 15 - Simon

Among people who were accompanying Jesus on the road to the cross, Simon of Cyrene is the most peculiar character.

Hidden Treasures 16: Mark 14 - Supper

What can we learn about the Holy Communion in the Gospel of Mark?

Hidden Treasures 15: Mark 13 - Destruction

Mark 13 is seen as a chapter that predicts the events before the end of the world. But what if there was a greater meaning?

Hidden Treasures 13: Mark 11 - Jerusalem

Cross Connection

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Hidden Treasures 7: Jesus is the King

The New Testament has been preserved in more manuscripts than any other ancient work. For today's HIdden Treasure, we're going to take a closer look at the earliest of these manuscripts!

Hidden Treasures 6: Words

Words are a fundamental building block of communication. So what about the verb form, I AM? Find out more on today's Hidden Treasure!

The Story of Hanukkah

The story of Antiochus Epiphanes, one of the many "bad shepherds" in history. He was defeated by Judas the Macabbee, which is the reason for the celebration of Hanukkah. No wonder then, that Jesus chose this time to call himself "The Good Shepherd."

Jesus Lives - The Light of the World

Oleg and Sergio descend into a pitch-black cave to learn about lightness/darkness and what it really means for Jesus to be the light of the world.

Jesus Lives Hike Blooper

The Jesus Lives hike gets off to a rough start.

Jesus Lives: Hiking and the Bread of Life

Oleg and Sergio take a 28 mile hike without food to see what lessons they can learn on what it means to go without The Bread of Life.

Jesus Lives - "God With Us"

Jesus Lives - "Signs"