The first thing I want to do when I get to heaven is to see Jesus. I want to touch the nail-pierced hands that hung on the cross for me. Can you imagine? It will be an amazing reality to meet the One who gave everything for me. Yet millions in this world live without this hope.

The mission of Hope Channel is to bring the joy of Jesus and His love to everyone.  This is no small task, because there are millions who have never heard the name of Jesus.  In our own strength, this is a daunting task. Yet God has promised to work with and through us. And He is working in a phenomenal way. Like no other time in history, the church is able to reach the majority of earth’s population through Hope Channel. China, India, the Middle East, are among our family of 13 channels that reach the world 24 hours a day with God’s saving message. Most significantly, each channel is produced for the region where it is broadcast. This allows Hope Channel to present the message of God’s love in the languages of the people viewing and to present the gospel in their cultural context.

God is mightily blessing by providing His Word of life and truth to the nations through Hope Channel. Yet, to continue providing inspirational TV programs to the world God invites the financial support of people like you. Won’t you partner with Hope Channel to share this wonderful message of love? Your one-time or recurring donations will impact millions who benefit from Hope Channel‘s life-changing ministry around the world.

After I meet Jesus in heaven, I look forward to meeting you and others who have supported the work of Hope Channel.

Thank you for your prayerful support.
Oleg Kostyuk