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The One Name That’s Bigger Than The Company

The world is filled with ambitious people. They dream about their goals and how they can add value to everyone with a new product or service. Some of these people execute their ideas and become founders and CEOs of startups. As the companies scale, so does the founder’s name recognition. This is where the company […]

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The Miseducation of Church Folks

“Tell your friend her dress is too short.” The old lady leaned back into her seat with a slight smirk on her face, feeling satisfied that she delivered her mail to the right address. Or at least the right mailer. The mailer was my sister, and she knew she would never deliver that message to […]

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What Acts is Trying to Tell Us

The Bible is filled with powerful narratives – of love, loss, redemption, the list goes on. These stories aren’t happenstance. They’re there to remind us that human beings (like ourselves) once lived and faced major decisions when it came to their faith. To me, Acts is one of the most pivotal books of the Bible. […]

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