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A Different Christmas

God has brought us safely to our new home and mission field of Koro Island. Much has happened in our first months here that makes us even more in awe of God’s mighty power and love. He’s blessed us with time to study His Word for hours each day. He has given us more divine […]

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Jesus is the King!

What was the central message of Jesus? This post is by Matt Ritchie. He collects lines in Christmas songs that declare that Jesus is King: Most American Christians tend to think of the gospel in soterian terms. That is, we think of it as a description of the means by which God saves (usually) individual people. […]

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Jesus and Santa

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If Joseph and Mary Used Facebook?..

A Social Network Christmas Like! CrossConnection on Facebook and get regular updates

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Christmas: The Message

by Oleg Kostyuk When an average person thinks about Jesus she or he usually thinks about Christmas or Easter; the manger or the cross of Jesus. How many times have we heard the story of Jesus’ birth? Christmas nowadays seems to be more about presents than it is about Jesus. And even though Christmas is […]

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