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Word Count

Do you have a favorite Christian author? Growing up I enjoyed the novels of C.S. Lewis and in high school a friend introduced me to his masterpiece Mere Christianity. But it wasn’t until college that I discovered the books of my favorite author, the 19th century Christian leader Ellen White. Consistently, I’ve found her writings (such as […]

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Where Love Is, There God Is Also

NOTE: Have you ever wondered what it really means to live the gospel? Last Tuesday I concluded Cross Connection with a short adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s Where Love Is, There God Is Also. But the story needs to be read in full in order to completely understand what it really means to live the gospel. […]

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Jesus is the King!

What was the central message of Jesus? This post is by Matt Ritchie. He collects lines in Christmas songs that declare that Jesus is King: Most American Christians tend to think of the gospel in soterian terms. That is, we think of it as a description of the means by which God saves (usually) individual people. […]

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