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What Jesus Would Look Like In 2016

What would Jesus look like if he were here today? I’ve always wondered about this question. In my opinion, he’d be a 5’10” bearded homeless man in his early 30s. Up top, he’d don a plain white T-shirt; below he’d have khaki shorts a few shades darker than his “yeast-from-the-mid-east” complexion.  He’d carry a 70L […]

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Love Thy Neighbor

This week we helped connect our church friend, Vini Ana, with one of our neighbors, Karen, as they had a falling out a few months ago. We were all able to talk, share stories and laugh with each other. Vini Ana and Karen were able to look past circumstances and work out their differences. What […]

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New Command

Last night, I was playing some board games with a few friends. Half way through, one calls me out, “Hey you can’t do that”. “Yes I can, it’s the rule!” “Since when?” It got a bit confusing. Apparently we had different understandings of the rules. I wonder how the disciples felt when Jesus announced a […]

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