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The Fastest Way to Reach Christ

My sister-in-law and her husband are staying with my wife and I for a couple weeks until they close on their home. They brought their dog and my two little nieces who have bagpipes for voices and can’t wait to play with whoever’s interested first thing in the morning. This particular morning, I’m heading to […]

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Sabbath Dilemma

“You’ll have to travel on Saturday!” We told our friend that Saturday is our Sabbath and we can’t have someone work on behalf of us. He said that because the boat off Koro was cancelled that it was the only option. So, we did the only thing you can do when faced with a seemingly […]

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The God Box

So many times we ask for what we think we need, instead of asking for God’s will for us. How often do we say: “God, either I need you to do this…, or this?..” Such an approach leaves no room for there to be an entirely different way that God could provide for our needs. […]

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Have you ever been hiking through a forest? I love it. Recently I was hiking through a forest of redwood trees. I had to keep stopping and studying the individual trees. They’re simply awesome. The Bible actually records that God made trees to be “pleasing to the eye” (Gen. 2:9). They were made for us […]

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Pool Walking

It’s incredibly hot out there these days. I am used to warm tropical weather, but Baltimore’s humidity is definitely unbearable. Despite this, summer is a great season. Sunny days, clear skies, vacation time! Sounds like a great time to go swimming in the pool. A couple of weeks ago I went swimming with a friend, […]

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Taking Off the Mask

Have you ever read a comic book? Chances are you may have seen a superhero movie but comic books seem to be a dying breed. I myself haven’t read one in years but as I was moving some boxes around the other day I came across my old comic book collection. I was instantly taken back […]

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Spirit Filled

I recently saw a science experiment that demonstrated what happens when balloons are brought into contact with fire. A balloon was first filled with a modest amount of air, knotted, and then held over a burning candle. As might be expected, the balloon popped, sending pieces flying across the room. Then a second balloon was […]

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Greater Than

I’m thinking of a number: Its digits add up to 7. Like 61 (6+1=7) or 232 (2+3+2=7). It has two digits. Like 12 or 95. It’s a perfect square–that is, it equals a number times itself. Like 9 (3×3) or 100 (10×10). It’s less than 20. Can you figure it out? Notice, each relation helps […]

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Jesus Stopped

Jesus was busy. Fame of the miracles He had performed had spread throughout the land and the crowds had grown larger and pressed in wherever He went. As Jesus was teaching, an important man, one of the rulers of the synagogue, interrupted Him and pleaded that Jesus come and heal his daughter who was at […]

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The Untouchable, Touched

“Hello, a few days ago I got back from spending the summer in a developing country and now I have this really nasty cough,” I told the woman at the hospital’s check-in desk.  I was asked a few questions then immediately put into isolation where I remained for the weekend as tests were run. Fortunately, it […]

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