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Sabbath Dilemma

“You’ll have to travel on Saturday!” We told our friend that Saturday is our Sabbath and we can’t have someone work on behalf of us. He said that because the boat off Koro was cancelled that it was the only option. So, we did the only thing you can do when faced with a seemingly […]

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Sabbath is…

A friend and I were studying in our dorm room when he looked over and said, “Man, I’m still feeling refreshed from Sabbath. Now I know why you’re never stressed out.” A couple days earlier I had invited him to enjoy the Sabbath with me. We put our textbooks away to worship with a Church […]

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The Sabbath Trumpet

“Sabbath is a sanctuary in time,” wrote Abraham Joshua Heschel in his The Sabbath. “The seventh day is like a palace in time with a kingdom for all.” But, what is the meaning of the Sabbath today? Is it just another day? Or is it a day off from work when some can enjoy fellowship with family […]

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Sabbath Rest

I once heard a story about how various week lengths were implemented to try to increase income and productivity by working more days between breaks. They found however, that this was not at all effective. Rather than the desired result of increased revenue from more working days, they found that productivity dropped off dramatically at […]

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