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John the Baptist caused quite the speculation. The religious leaders asked him, “Who are you?” And after a few false guesses questioned, “Are you the Prophet?” (John 1:19-21) I want us to pause and consider this question–”Are you the Prophet?” Notice, not a prophet, but the prophet. They had a particular prophet in mind. Someone […]

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Spirit Filled

I recently saw a science experiment that demonstrated what happens when balloons are brought into contact with fire. A balloon was first filled with a modest amount of air, knotted, and then held over a burning candle. As might be expected, the balloon popped, sending pieces flying across the room. Then a second balloon was […]

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Greater Than

I’m thinking of a number: Its digits add up to 7. Like 61 (6+1=7) or 232 (2+3+2=7). It has two digits. Like 12 or 95. It’s a perfect square–that is, it equals a number times itself. Like 9 (3×3) or 100 (10×10). It’s less than 20. Can you figure it out? Notice, each relation helps […]

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